What makes a Romantic Wine?

February 4th, 2024| Mary Domange

When you think of Valentine’s Day, it’s inevitable that you think of wine. Flowers and chocolates play their role – but who can envisage a sentimental soirée that is not accompanied by some pretty pink fizz or a deep, sensuous glass of red?

A bottle of beautifully made wine is a testament to the passion and ingenuity of the people who make it. It represents the history of a terroir, the elements of the soil, the climate and its geographical location. Wine is capricious, unpredictable and even experienced growers struggle at times to get the very best from their grapes after a year of bad weather or a late frost. 

When I talk about wine, I don’t mean the pile ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap bulk wines that populate supermarket shelves – wines made from the grapes of several unnamed countries and blended into generic red, white or pink alcohol. I mean the sort of wines that you want to sip, not slug – wines that evoke a memory, a time or a place. The romance of wine is not only its origin story, but what it comes to mean to you. 

We started our business with three wines from the Loire Valley – all of which are still on our list today – and the taste of these never fails to take me back to the early days of our fledgling business. They all remind me of overlooking the majestic river itself, glass in hand, or stumbling down rickety steps to the grower’s cellar to taste his ancient millisimes.

Then there are the modern-day memories – of Christmases past, birthdays to be celebrated with my favourite Champagne Monay or Franciacorta Rosé. Of the occasional bottle of Burgundy, that has lingered in our own cellar, to be opened on such an occasion as Valentine’s Day.

Making our own memories around wine is something I believe in, and taking the opportunity to do so on a bleak day in February seems like a perfect opportunity.

It’s been a long time since I battled the crowds to get a table in a restaurant on 14th February – unless it was entirely by accident! So what better than a simple meal at home, with the best ingredients we can afford and a couple of glasses of wine to pair with the food?

Red Wines for Valentines Day

The choice is too plentiful to list, but follow the link to our Romantic Red selection for some ideas on wines that tick all the boxes in terms of provenance, style and elegance, and that will enhance a home cooked steak or a mushroom risotto and bring it to next level lovliness.

White Wines for Valentines Day

Again, the choice comes down to personal preference, but have a look at our Wines for Valentines Day selection for some ideas on wines that are top of my list, not necessarily everyday drinking, but definitely special day drinking. White wines that go well with fish, with light vegetable dishes or as an aperitif.

Sparkling wines for Valentines Day

Almost needs no introduction – but it’s got to be pink if you’re a sucker for bright and shiny things like me. Whether it’s a pink prosecco, a pale pink Franciacorta (Italian Champagne), or a methode Traditionelle or an actual Champagne – nothing says romance quite like a glass of sparkling rosé.

So wherever you are on February 14th, treat yourself to a glass of something special and make a memory with wine.

What we will be drinking on Valentine's Day

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Champagne Monay Rosé Wine at Home
Champagne Francoise Monay Rosé
Customer Favourite
Chardonnay, Pinot NoirFranceChampagne12%Fruity & Harmonious
Macon Solutré AOC Cardonus Rex 2017 Denis Bouchacourt - Wine at Home
Mâcon-Solutré AOP Cardonus Rex 2020, Denis Bouchacourt
ChardonnayFranceBurgundy13%Elegant & Complex
Morgon Corcelette Cuvee Thaddeus AOP 2015, Renaud Bodillard
Morgon Corcelette Cuvee Thaddeus AOP 2015, Renaud Bodillard
Fully organic small production
GamayFranceBeaujolais13%Fruity & Complex

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