Our love for well-made, well-balanced, artisan wines started way back in the early 1990s at roughly the same time that the UK was seeing a surge in both interest and availability of world wines.

Exciting though this was, it was extremely hard to find wines in our price range that were made without the use of chemicals and pesticides, and that represented the best an area or appellation had to offer. We were worried about the way in which some of the mass-produced blends and brands were produced, and even more importantly, the way they tasted.  Within a couple of mad months, we were standing in a freezing cold port, awaiting our first shipment of wines from some of the traditional growers we had known and loved over generations, and a new business was born.

Wine is essentially nothing more than grapes. In a bottle. And the skill of the winemaker is the key ingredient. We began to build a network of growers worldwide, whose respect for the environment and determination to maintain the soil and the ecosystem for years to come, was second to none. Many of these people farmed only a few acres producing low yields of high-quality fruit and worked on the vines by hand, selecting only the very best grapes for vinification. Nothing has changed.

Wine is not just a delicious drink, it is history, geography, ideology and of course sociology. The history, geography and provenance of a wine is what makes the difference between something drinkable, and something wonderful.

We went on to supply some of the country’s leading restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs and bars, each with a tailored list of our special finds and rare gems – and all at transparent, fair prices.

We continue to pay our growers fairly and work exclusively with them to represent their extraordinary wines in the UK as well as to support their work in conserving their environment.

When you buy our wine, there is no middle person – just our small team working hard to bring you a fine selection of personality driven boutique wines at great prices.

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Over 20 years supplying some of the UK’s top and Michelin starred restaurants with hard-to-find boutique wines

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