Wine at Home: Summer Reds for Rainy Days

Jan 16, 2021Mary Domange
Wine at Home: Summer Reds for Rainy Days - Wine at Home

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Here’s a snippet from this week’s email.

This week we focus on three of our French red wines that hold a special place in our hearts, including the St Nicolas de Bourgueil 2018 which was the wine we chose for our own wedding, many years ago, before Laurent Jamet took over from his father Jean-Jacques, who in turn took over from the legendary Pierre Jamet. This was one of the first wines we imported into the UK when Loire reds were as rare as hens' teeth.

St Nicolas de Bourgueil 2018, Domaine du Fondis is made from 100% Cabernet Franc grapes in the home of the varietal, the Loire Valley. The 2018 is a little more concentrated that previous vintages because of the hot summer that year, which gives the grapes more sweetness which converts to alcohol. It remains however a lighter red typical of this grape variety, and is delicious served lightly chilled.

We couldn’t consider eating a roast chicken without it and it’s equally good with a chicken salad. Truly a wine that will keep up with the vagaries of the English weather.

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