Sangiovese Rubicone IGP 2023, Torre Gaggio

Emilia Romagna
Light & Fruity

Deliciously light and fruity red that works well slightly chilled. Great with pasta, fish and chicken as well as lighter vegetarian dishes. 

What our customers say

"Perfect for me as low in alcohol but not in taste."

"Lovely, fruity, inexpensive and nice served chilled."

The village of Bologna in Emilia Romagna is home to the Dalfiume family vineyards - known locally for their early uptake of sustainable vineyard management which includes solar panels and reducing carbon footprint wherever possible. Their Sangiovese is a good reflection of their principles - with a light touch and all the flavour of the grapes. Fermentation using skin contact (where the grapes are left with their skins) in order to increase intensity of colour and aromas. The must is oxygenated by pumping over before the wine is gently filtered and bottled. 

Ruby red colour with a rich, spicy, violet nose and plenty of blueberries and nutmeg on the palate with a hint of strawberry jam. Well balanced, light and very easy to drink. Only 11% alcohol.


About the vineyard

This small Italian village is home to our third generation growers who use traditional, ancestral methods to produce their range of sunny, great value, everyday wines, while protecting and preserving the environment.