Choosing wines for your wedding

Jan 13, 2023Mary Domange
Choosing wines for your wedding

We are often asked our opinion on the best white wine for a wedding, or the best red wine, or the best Champagne. Is it better to go for a Prosecco or a sparkling wine to save money, or will only a real Champagne do?

The truth is, that there is no answer to any of these questions - the most important factor in choosing wines for your wedding is to carefully match your selection with your menu and to take into account the number of guests attending, the time spent at each stage of the game and of course, your budget.

How much wine do you need for a wedding?

Calculating how many bottles of each type of wine or Champagne you need for a wedding can be tricky, but after over 20 years experience in doing just that, we are more than happy to shoulder the responsibility.

Many online calculators will give you rough quantities, but in general these are only guidelines and don't necessarily take into account all of the variables.

How do you decide how many bottles of red and how many bottles of white for example? How much sparkling wine or Champagne will you need for the canapés and the toasts? Do you need extra sparkling wines for the bridesmaids, or the rehearsal dinner?

At Wine at Home we take into account all of these things before putting together a bespoke wedding wine package that works for you.

How much should you spend on wedding wines?

I've heard it said that you should spend as much as possible on wedding wines - but given the fact that price does not always ensure quality - and given the overall costs involved in a wedding - value for money is also an important consideration.

At Wine at Home, we import all our wines directly from the growers, which gives us tremendous flexibility, not only on the wines we offer, but also on the price. We never charge a premium, preferring instead to offer a personalised discount, depending on the quantity of wines ordered. We work hard to ensure that our prices are among the most competitive on the market. 

We have supplied the wine for weddings in high end restaurants and hotels, private venues, village halls and even country fields - and in every instance we've had glowing feedback from the brides and grooms as well as from their guests.

Our free consultation process helps you choose your wedding wines

We take the time to talk you through the event, the order of the day, number of guests, menu and budget before putting together a bespoke wedding package for you to consider. If you decide you like what you see, we organise for you to taste the wines and try before you buy.

UK wedding wine delivery

When you've made your final selection, we deliver to your chosen venue in plenty of time for the big day and liaise with the onsite staff to ensure that everything runs smoothly - leaving you with one less thing to worry about. We deliver free of charge to anywhere on the UK mainland. We can provide a quote for delivery to the Highlands and Islands.

Check out our wedding page for more info and if you'd like to find out more, get in touch at to organise a free consultation.

Cheers and here's to the happiest of days!

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